The 2nd UM Novice Cup 2016


Organized By: University of Macau’s English Debating Society

Adjudication Core: Florence Choy, Elise Cheong , Shafee Mohammed and Mashiat Rabbani 

Motion List 

Round 1 : THW give extra votes to young adults.

Round 2:  THBT it is legitimate to get a sugar daddy to pay for college.

Round 3: THBT corporations should cooperate with the government in order to address issues of national security.

Round 4: THW not punish people who live below the for poverty line for economic crimes.

Semi-Finals: THBT China should sanction North Korea until they dispose of all nuclear weapon stockpiles and research facilities.

Grand Finals: THW allow individuals to donate to recognised charities instead of paying income tax.


Andrea-Jelita(University of Hong Kong)

Grand Finalists

UMAC Football( University of Macau)
HKU3(University of Hong Kong)
UMAC Whatever(University of Macau)

I had a great time meeting the new generation of UM EDS, catching up with the older ones and as usual, it made me miss debating.




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