3.9/5 Goodreads

3.8/5 Barnes & Noble

Book Review: Recommended

The Highlight:

Society has established a flawed system that aims to shame and isolate those who go against it.The flawed system leaves those who are deemed to be flawed as people even worse than criminals as they are tattooed with the  “F” sign on visible parts of one’s face or body and forced to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Celestine does not question this system  up until she witness someone she knows personally, her own neighbor/piano teacher,Angelina, being pulled from her house to be brought into court for a trial. Chances are , she’s already flawed and little can be done in changing her faith.

But a more contentious occurrence and her turning point is a bus ride that made her question her own moral compass and people around her  when a flawed old man is deliberately ignored as he struggled to stand and breathe on the bus since the seats allocated for the flawed were occupied by non-flawed individuals. An even horrid predicament is that it is against the law to assist the flawed and is punishable by imprisonment.In spite of the foreseen repercussions , she helps the old man and her world goes downhill as she faces being brought to trial before her own boyfriend’s dad for judgement.

My Take:

Big no to Art the boyfriend and kudos to Celestine’s Grandpa for empowering her to be the voice of the ‘flawed’ community. While it tears me apart that the next book is scheduled to be released next year, it’s another thing to look forward to in 2017. I’m expecting more of Carrick, the man Celestine  meets when she is held captive before her trial is due and less of Art, the boyfriend who has done little to save her ass on the next book please.

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