Toning down my new found love










Newsboy Cap: Seoul Thrift Store

Thick Cardigan: Bershka Woolen Sweater: H&M Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Charles & Keith

Photography By: Joseff Musa

Hello there!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post ,I’ve become fond of the color pastel pink, so to maintain a balance, I’ve willingly worn this ensemble by Joseff. The combined colors of pastel pink , custard brown and dirty grey made me skeptical but anything woolen is a big yes these days as Macau is finally hit by the much expected cold.

On the bright side and thanks to Hotel Malls, the weather is still skirt friendly and I think you can get away with it ; especially if your wearing sheer or opaque stockings.

Counting down the days to Christmas and boy am I excited , because after 23 more days, we’ll be celebrating my favorite festival!!

Much Love,



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