Autumnal Equinox







Shades:  H&M Choker: H&M

Cardigan: Zara Inner Tube: H&M  Jeans: Bershka

Shoes: Charles & Keith

Photography By: Joseff Musa

Hello there!

The learning curve is apparent as I learn to edit my photos; I know very little about them and how it goes beyond highlights and filters.Thank God for friends like Chezka and Carla for their coaching and pep talk about blogging. You see, they’re far more experienced and I feel lucky being able to discuss these things with them.

You’ll notice from the pictures that autumn has finally landed in Macau. I’ve taken out my thicker clothing and sulk about my closet space appearing small as jackets, coats and sweaters occupy it.

With Love,



Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday.jpg

4.3/5 Goodreads

4.7/5 Barnes & Noble

By Colleen Hoover

Hello there! I’ve finally gotten around a book post. This is another book series I’ve fallen in love with.

Be warned, this review will include spoilers.


Do I look that pathetic?

I take my suitcases and walk back to where I was seated before I realized I was purseless. I glance up to my apartment and wonder what would happen if I went back there to get my wallet. I sort of left things in a mess when I walked out the door. I guess I’d rather be homeless in the rain than go back up there.

I take a seat on my luggage again and contemplate my situation. I could pay someone to go upstairs for me. But who? No one’s outside, and who’s to say Hunter or Tori would even give the person my purse?

This really sucks. I know I’m going to have to end up calling one of my friends, but right now, I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone how clueless I’ve been for the last two years. I’ve been completely blindsided.

I already hate being twenty-two, and I still have 364 more days to go.

The Highlight:

The story is an exchange between Sydney, a college student and Ridge, a deaf guitarist/song writer. On the day she finds out her best friend, Tori and boyfriend, Hunter is cheating on her , she moves in with Ridge , because a stranger’s apartment is exactly what you need after a break up. Kidding!

The gist is they’ve been across the street neighbors with their interaction limited to Sydney studying on the balcony and Ridge strumming his guitar at his own balcony right across Sydney’s building.

Well, it works out anyway since Sydney isn’t financially prepared to bear the cost of a new apartment and Ridge has a writer’s block.Since he’s noticed that Sydney seems to sing along to his songs whenever he plays them. He’s asked her for lyrics in exchange instead.

My Take:

Their relationship isn’t a stereotypical romance because one , Ridge isn’t single, he has a long term girlfriend , Maggie.And two, he’s willing to do anything in his power to keep it that way.

Aside from cheating being absolutely wrong, Sydney has first hand experience on being cheated on ,she’s desperate to ensure that she doesn’t become a “Tori”, her former best friend and the same person who her former boyfriend Hunter cheated with.

The characters and their principles differentiate their roles. I admire Ridge’s will power to keep his relationship with Maggie and Sydney’s ability to recover from all things happening to her. Not to forget Maggie’s maturity level, despite her incurable sickness and determination to live.

In the end, Maggie’s decision to end her relationship with Ridge comes as a surprise that I have mixed emotions about as she explains that she does not doubt Ridge’s love for her , rather she’s concerned about how their relationship hinders them from both living.

With Love,


Lay it on me.









Headband: Forever 21

T shirt: Forever 21 Sleeveless Flowy Top: Bershka

Skirt: Zara Shoes: Forever 21

Photography By: Joseff Musa

Hello there! 

This is my kind of layering. I like it because it feels more comfortable. Opted in for a top instead of a flowy dress because alternatively, one can wear them with shorts and jeans.I noticed that I own a number of items from Forever 21. Bummer that it’s first and only store in Macau closed just last month.

I rarely went to Ruins of St. Paul because of all the existing tourist traffic there and frankly speaking, it may have been more strategic for F21 to establish its branch in one of the hotel malls like SCC, the Venetian or even Galaxy.

With Love,


Learn to fly.

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Vintage eye-wear: Zara Denim Polo: Esprit Tank Top: Boracay souvenir shop

Faded Jeans: Pull & Bear Brown Sued Shoes: Zara

Photography By: Rebeca Pangan

Hi there!

Backlogs are my friend, so you might be familiar with the setting here from my previous post, as I’ve mentioned before, Joseff’s not a blogger but he’s an active lookbook user, so it’s convenient when we take photos consecutively which makes the day extra productive.

With love,


Some denim loving


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Shades: H&M Headband: Forever 21  Shirt: Zara  

High Waisted Jeans:Forever 21 Shoes: Forever 21

Photography by: Joseff Musa

Hola! I’m sure you’ve heard about the the double denim trend.

Three weeks in October but the weather’s still playing Macau hot and cold. This batch was taken over the weekend when it was clearly hotter, so instead of a jacket which is the more commonly worn as the denim top, I wore this shirt. Safe to say, it was the right decision since I survived the day without having to grab a jacket.

With Love,


Paint the town red


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Shades: Forever 21 Choker: H&M

Basic Tee: Stradivarious High Waisted Jeans: Bershka Shoes: H&M

Photography by: Joseff Musa

Hello there!

I realize that I own too many basic shirts that I don’t bother wearing since I feel like a “Plain Jane” when I do , accessorized with a thick choker and stole this pair of shades from my boyfriend who naturally expected it as I forget to bring my own yet again.

With cooler mornings and sunny afternoons, how are you coping?

With Love,


Lord’s Stow Garden Cafe

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Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe | Macau, G/F C Houston Court 21 Largo do Matadouro, Coloane Village, Macau

Food: Thai Chicken Rice / Club Sandwich / Hazelnut Coffee 

Photography By: Joseff Musa


If you’ve visited Macau before, you must have heard about the bakery that sells amazing “Potarts” more popularly known as Portuguese egg tarts.

Good news is that they have cafes you can enjoy them in, bad news is that they can get real packed with both tourist and locals. I suggest you visit them at non-peak hours.

Also, I do want to clarify that I’m no food expert and that I’m sharing my food trips since I usually eat after taking ootd shots, yes, that’s what I usually look forward to ; it’s my reward for successfully taking blog worthy shots.

Hope your weekend is going well!

With Love,


Even bees take breaks


Inner Cropped Top: Zara Jumpsuit: Zalora Shoes: Bershka

Bag: Coach Watch: Esprit

Photography by: Joseff Musa

First off, Happy China National Day!

Thanks to this celebration ,my weekend was extended to Tuesday!

Safe to say, I got decent rest and I’m ready to hustle again.

With Love,


Fall for me



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Over-sized Shirt: Zara Shorts: Stradivarius  Shoes: Forever 21 Bag: Esprit

Earrings: Chanel Watch: Fossil Bracelet: Marc Jacobs

Photography by: Joseff Musa

Hello there!

Over the past year, I’ve come to value my physical well being more and more as I struggle to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. It hasn’t been easy and my regime is a work in progress. With that, I welcome fall, a fresh season, an opportunity to be better.

By the way, this top wasn’t in the Zara branch I visited, Joseff requested for it to be retrieved from the warehouse , so if you’re shopping and unable to locate a clothing piece you fancy and know should be in store, don’t leave, ask a sales attendant and s/he might just be able to help you out. Another tip would be to ask if it’s available at other branches in the area.

With Love,


This is a call

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Glasses: MYOB  Shirt: GAP  Suit: Zara  Sandals: Forever 21 

Photography by: Rebeca Pangan

Believe me, I was first to ask if he was seriously going to wear leather sandals to which he confidently replied “Yes”, you see, this whole “why not” approach stems from his strong sense of individuality as he loves to point out and I ignore, Kidding! 

Kidding aside, I strongly believe that establishing your own sense of individuality is significant and it doesn’t need to be blatant or attention seeking, just as long as it’s your cup of tea.

Have a good week!