Call it winter

I’m officially old as I became one of the Godmothers of my former colleague’s adorable baby Chloe.


Too hot for winter

Spread love and kindness, the world needs more of it.

Even bees take breaks

First off, Happy China National Day!

Fall for me

With that, I welcome fall, a fresh season, an opportunity to be better.

Monkey Wrench

I’m taking the liberty of sharing these on my blog on a routine basis as I strongly believe that they deserve more exposure than it’s given.

you know what it is

Clothes: Zalora/ Zara Shoes: Charles & Keith Photography by: Joseff Musa First of all, I posted this prematurely ergo the body of this post for email subscribers is inconsistent and I do apologize. Bear with me as I hastily attempt to compose relevance.  I was never a fan of rigid uniformity so I do appreciate how formal wear in […]